Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cucumber Recipes

Every year we plant cucumber and I try my best to get my children to eat them. It's this little dance we do until the plants stop producing.  I took the opportunity on Saturday while the kids were fishing with JP to whip up an enticing cucumber tea party.  (Knowing they'd be eating a late breakfast and probably no lunch...hunger was on my side.)

The key for reluctant cucumber eaters involve thin slices, small amounts and few seeds. 

Recipe #1:  Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
A hit with Tera and Daniel

Thinly sliced cucumber
Softened cream cheese
Bread of your choice

Spread the bread on both sides with the softened cream cheese and layer cucumber on top of one slice. 
Cut into cute triangles. 

Recipe #2:  Wraps

Sliced Ham
Multi-grain or regular tortillas
Cucumber (diced small)
Plain yogurt
Spices (I forgot to add any spices.  Dill would be good or some ranch dip dressing mix.)

Mix diced cucumber with plain yogurt and spices.  
Spread some on each tortilla with the ham (or turkey)
Wrap and cut into smaller bites.

Recipe #3:  Cucumber Sub or Cucumber Appetizer Bites
Favorite of Michael and I! 

Cream cheese
Sliced Ham

Cut a cucumber in half and using a spoon remove all the seeds.
Spread each side with cream cheese and put sliced ham on top.
Eat like a sandwich or cut for appetizers.

Recipe #4:  Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles- original recipe found here
My kids' favorite way to eat our cucumbers

Make a double batch!  They go fast!
I used Mixed Pickling Spice that I bought in the canning section of Walmart (I need to buy another bottle soon),  instead of the spices.  
I pack my jars a lot tighter than the recipe says.  
Onions can be optional.  Although my kids, seem to love the onions.  

We still eat a lot of just plain sliced cucumbers.   But it's nice to make "fancy", yet simple recipes to clean off the counter just in time for a new harvest from the garden.  

What are your favorite cucumber recipes?

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