Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: A week of creating

 Weekly Wrap-Up
I went into the week without any specific plans.  Some days I planned as we went along. (We did math, science and history every day)  Guess what?  The sky didn't fall in, my children learned lots of things and maybe created a whole more than what I would have planned for them. 

Daniel's been working on fair projects, Michael worked on a Lego maze almost one entire morning and Tera experimented with quilling fondant for a fair entry.  

We got together with friends one afternoon just to hang out and some other friends for writing...

Oh, I got the cutest clock for our bedroom!  I absolutely love it!!!

They played lots of chess.  I met a new homeschooler at the library and had a wonderful chat.  Today, we did an art project for the first time in forever and we listened to our new Seeds Family Worship CDs.  We did math and that other stuff, too, but some weeks that other stuff doesn't matter quite as much!  


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