Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

I've heard people discussing having kids.  You hear the question:  "How far apart are your kids?".  Then the follow-up discussion about waiting a specific time in between or having kids in quick succession-which is best?  etc., etc.

My two oldest kids are only 23 months apart.  We waited 7 years after being married to have kids.  We got a girl, then a boy.  They were so close in age that most things have been pretty much equal for them--same bedtime, etc.  Since their birthdays are only 1 month apart, we even started a joint gift tradition on their birthdays when they were little.  So, the birthday kid gets their presents and then both of them would get a joint present.  They were and still are each others' best friend.  (They probably wouldn't admit it, but it really is true.)   They have basically the same shared memories.  Tera probably doesn't remember a time when her brother wasn't around.  Tera and Daniel have a  bond that is unexplainable.  

We thought our family was complete, yet there was always a nagging feeling that there was another little one waiting to join us.

Fast forward, almost 7 years later....

In 2009, we brought home that other little one to a sister and brother quite a few years older than him.  Tera would turn 9 later that year and Daniel 7.  Michael will never know a time when he wasn't surrounded by these other four people he loves.  Tera and Daniel remember my pregnancy and holding Michael the day he was born.  What a special bond that is created in knowing someone and remembering the day they were born.  It's almost like Michael has four parents instead of two--a fact we have to remind the other two of on a daily basis.   He has two extra people who love him, watch out for him, and hold his hand when we cross the street.  Two extra people to read to him, comfort him, pray for him and help lead him to Christ one day.  Two siblings to teach him so much more than two parents could ever do on their own. 

So, which is better?  Having your kids really close in age or spread out really far apart?  I'm glad we didn't have to choose...we got the best of both worlds! 


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