Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some updates

Daniel started physical therapy before Christmas for range of motion issues in his legs and toe walking.  When he was evaluated he had a 2 degree (I think that's the right PT term) in one leg and 10 degrees in the other.  Her goal is that he will have a 20 degree/percent when they are done.  As of last Friday, he was at 16 in one leg and 17 in another.  I can tell he is able to stretch his legs so much easier.  He was measured for shoe inserts that will address his tendency to bounce off his toes as he walks.  The toe walking was a lesser concern for her, than how tight his legs were.  

Tera went to the orthodontist today for molds, so that she can be fitted for braces in the future.  My husband felt so much better about the treatment plan after seeing the orthodontist today.  He and Michael especially enjoyed the hot drinks in the waiting room. 

Our de-cluttering is coming along nicely.  We get rid of a lot of unneeded items and we are able to benefit our local community in the process.  Everything we donate will be sold at a yard sale in May.  The proceeds fund the food basket/toys that our town puts together for needy families at Christmas.  I'm hoping to count everything before we donate it, if I can.  I've lost count at this point in time and the piles just keep growing. 

I've been keeping up on my daily devotion time pretty well, getting my steps in, and we haven't had any fast food/delivery/take out in over 2 weeks. 

This was our first "real" week back to school.  Last week was a half week and the kids worked solely on their science fair projects. So far...so good.  Daniel and Tera are doing great in math this week and we've gotten back to the routine pretty smoothly.  Michael has been more of a challenge though...I need to prep activities for him the night before, like I've done before.  We have tons of things for him to do, I just don't think clearly at a minute's notice.  Cheerios have been a lifesaver the past two days.

We finally got the kids out on their bikes for the first time since Christmas. (That's a long story for another time.)  I was wondering if it would ever stop raining around here.  They played outside this afternoon for a while.  The sun felt so good...until it started setting behind the house.  

I got a basic Kindle for Christmas...I really like it!!!  I'm going to the library tomorrow, because I still like to read physical books, too.  



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