Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New lessons everyday

Things I'm learning lately:

  • Don't leave bright green sanitary pads in any pocket of your 3 year old son's backpack because he will inevitably pull them out waving them in the air at the science fair shouting..."Hey, Mom what are these?"
  • Cooking rice and beans on high (even if that's what the recipe says) will burn, smoke up your kitchen and wake your husband up.
  • I can not cook first thing in the morning and still home school.  I will either: (a) burn something; (b) snap at my children; (c) not be able to answer questions about math lessons; (d) all of the above
  • There is no mood that a little prayer and a little exercise or a good night's sleep can't help.
  • Instead of expecting people to read your mind and to know exactly what you want...tell them!
  • My kids are growing up too fast. 
  • Sometimes God answers my prayers just when I forget that I prayed for that specific thing.


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