Friday, January 4, 2013

This and that...

I've spent a while looking at this "butt-ugly" ceiling in my laundry room-hanging down, stained and just plain horrible looking. They finished our roof and leaking problem a few months ago (FINALLY!!). Since last week, we've had a home repair guy coming and putting in a new ceiling. He finished today! Now, we get to clean up all the dust that is coating the plastic that we put on everything that couldn't be moved out. Then, we can move all the stuff out of the hall and office. My allergies are going crazy from something--the wood, the dust, the door being open a lot, who knows? The post nasal drip is making my throat raw. (I'm sure that was more than you needed to know)  It's a pain!   My life has felt upside down lately.   My ceiling looks awesome, though!!!


I did it...I went on a fad diet. (Unless you count the Cabbage Food Diet I did in the early 90s...I've never bought into the whole 'diet' thing)   I really needed to do something to kinda purge and detox a bit from the holidays.  I needed a jump start to get back into good habits.  So I tried the 3 Day Military Diet...below are a couple of my meals.  I could not follow it exactly because of my dietary restrictions with the IC.  I wasn't willing to cause myself a lot of physical pain.  
It was interesting...high protein/low carb, low sugar and no snacking.  Dinner (pictured at the left) was always pretty substantial except the last night.  By the last meal of the last night, I had had enough so I cheated and had a ton of raw fresh vegetables with my tuna.  Tsk...tsk!   Then, a snack later.  :)  I can't say I would ever do this again. I like changing habits/lifestyles instead of "diets".   This is my take on it for people who do the whole "diet" thing. 
 I like my fruit tea with's just not the same.  That was the only problem I had with the food choices.  I really liked the fact that this was easy...hardly any food prep whatsoever (boiling an egg was it).  I could do it without worrying about all the work required to make something separate for myself.   I did lose 4.5 lbs. in 3 days, which I sure was all water retention...but what's wrong with getting rid of that?  

 Photobucket Photobucket 
Today, the kids finished up their boards for the science fair. They needed my supervisory attention--asking questions, printing things...poor Michael was having a rough time feeling neglected. I felt torn in so many directions and then I decided to have tacos for lunch. To me, that is the worst food to get on the table. So many things to cut, so many condiments. I've made the decision--tacos are for weekends. (I know that sounds weird...but I was snapping at people and almost burst into tears).  Next week, we'll be back on our regular schedule and he'll have HIS school time, too.
This weekend will be spent taking down our Christmas tree.  Hopefully we'll get the laundry room and the rest of the house back to normal.  I'm ready!  

For the past few nights, we've done bedtime different.  Usually it's brush teeth, pray, go upstairs and then I tuck Michael in.  Now, I have everyone brush their teeth and send them upstairs.  I can breath for a minute before I go up and pray with everyone and tuck in.  It's just a minute, but it feels awesome.  I don't feel rushed and can take a minute with each kid individually.  I think I'll keep this habit. 

Well, it's been a minute...better go and get those little ones tucked in. 


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