Friday, January 25, 2013

New Adventures

It's been a good week...filled with lots of new experiences for all of us.

Daniel and Tera are doing awesome in their music lessons.  Wednesday, Tera tried out for the Math Counts Team Competition through our local homeschool group.  There were only four slots and an alternate.  She didn't make the team, but I'm so proud of her.  She did a great job for a student her age on this test and learned some new math strategies.  All of a sudden, Tera is excited about math.  That is awesome!  She also got to spend some time with great parents and other students and made a new friend.  While she was there, we hung out with some new friends and had a great time.

Thursday, Daniel had his physical therapy appointment and then we headed over to the library.  A chess club meets there twice a week...a few of our friends go, but we've never checked it out.  Daniel really likes chess and is always looking for someone to play.  This lets him meet some boys his own age, learn some great strategies for playing chess, and gets the rest of us off the hook. 

I've been cooking up a storm this week...pardon the pun!

Broccoli and Cheese Potato Soup and Haitian Red Beans and Rice

I was asked by a friend to write a letter to her daughter that is just about to turn 13....I decided to be a little creative with my letter.  This is my creative project for the month.   The letter actually turned out to be 3 pages, but I hope the things shared will be remembered in the years to come.  My almost 13 year old gave it a good review. 

One of my goals for the year was to learn some new things in regards to my blog.  I've been accepted to be apart of the Mosaic Review Team, which means in the months to come you'll be seeing some reviews on my blogs for new products.  I'm very excited!  Through these ladies, I'm already learning some new things about be looking for some changes soon. 

 In the midst of all this dreary weather today, these little fellows brought some sunshine into our day! 


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