Monday, November 9, 2015

30 Days of Thanks: Day 9

Today I give thanks for all the teachers in my children's life:

  • At karate, Mr. Shane, Ms. Christy, Mr. Nick and Mr. Wyatt that are teaching my son respect, discipline, and physical skills that I do not possess.  

  • At chess, Mr. Tom, Dale, Russ and Mack that have coached, encouraged and taught my kids how to excel at more than just a game. 

  • Mrs. Veal that pushes Daniel to do his best at flute, includes him in her ensemble, and encourages him to use his gift and talent.

  • For Ms. Tanya, the only person that could EVER teach me how to swim and all our college student teachers over the years!

  • Mr. Luna that teaches fencing, for finally giving my kids a sport they love!

  • For our 4-H volunteers, Ms. Leanne, Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Elithe that teach us how to use our head for clearer thinking, our heart for greater loyalty, our hands for greater service and our health for better living. 

  • For our choir directors, Alan and Mrs. Purvis for giving us the opportunity to share the love of music with others. 

  • For Ms. Henrietta and her contagious laugh, her artistic talents and her love for our kids.   

I'm sure I left someone off this list, but I am truly thankful for how God puts the right people into our lives.  Teachers that are self-sacrificing and love to share their knowledge with young people.  Thank you, Lord for these wonderful people!


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