Friday, August 3, 2012

2 Down--34 To Go

That is not seriously how I think about school...but sometimes you just run out of catchy post titles. 

We did finish week 2 today.  I feel good, well, actually great about how school is going.  JP's new schedule has him  getting up at  10 or 10:30 in the morning.  I said in an earlier post that I'm not a morning person.  So in past school years, I'd let my kids get up at their leisure (which is still really early by anyone's standards)...make their own breakfast, read, make some noise, while my little one yelled from his bed, "Can I get up?"  I'd roll out of bed grumpy, stumble downstairs to get a shower while they did their own thing.  We'd start school somewhere between 8-9.  By then, they were used to being leisurely about the day and that carried over into getting schoolwork done.  I felt hurried for the rest of the day, especially if we had somewhere to go (co-op, dr's appts., errands, etc.)    Now, if this sounds like your mornings and you like it that not take this post as a judgment or commentary on your own personal preferences/choices.    This way of doing things was just not working for us. 

Anyway, this school year, my husband's shift has been changing alot.  He was on day shift for the weeks before school so it was an easier adjustment for me to switch to that shift.  Since, he has to sleep in really late now, it only makes sense for me to stay on a "day shift" schedule to help with our school day.

So now I get up anywhere between 5 (on a good day) and 6:15 (on a tired day).  Get my shower, try to do devotions and make breakfast.  We start school almost exactly at 7 AM and then we're done by lunch.  I start the kids with all the joint subjects first thing.  Before, we'd leave those until last and then if we didn't get around to it, sometimes we'd just have to skip if for the day.  Not anymore!  We are staying on schedule even with Michael.   For 2 weeks now, we have had this schedule.  I never thought I would say this....but I LOVE IT!!!!  I'm getting my kids at their best working time, we can run errands or go somewhere when my husband gets up. 

We are finishing school very soon after he wakes up.  It keeps the kids quieter when they are doing work.  Michael isn't hollering from his bed waking everyone in the neighborhood up.  Then, we have time in the afternoon for our own things.  Everyone seems happier and more content. 


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