Friday, August 10, 2012

Homeschool Mood Swing

I was such a nerd in school...seriously!  I loved diagramming sentences and loved chemistry formulas.  In 10th grade, I was chosen as the Top Female Chemistry Student in our school.  I found memorizing all the parts of the body exciting, especially when I knew we had to stand up in front of the class to present our knowledge.  It's really cool when my kids get excited about things, too.

We've been doing Easy Grammar this year.  One day this week, I seized the opportunity while we were picking apart our sentences to throw a little diagramming in there.  I started with Tera and then Daniel wanted me to give him one, too.  It was so much easier to diagram using the Easy Grammar way of labelling sentences.  I almost got giddy.  I think the structure of sentences have made so much more sense to them this year because of this program.   (I'm really not trying to sound like a commercial)

Caution:  Drastic Homeschool Mood Swing

Giddiness gives way to frustration

I will say although this week's posts have seemed all fun and's been a rough week.  JP started out working one shift the first three days and ended the week on a total opposite one.  Changing mid-week is rough on everyone.  I've felt out of sorts with his new job, but I think I'll be okay when I get used to it. 

I cried today...over MATH!  It seems like we go through these seasons where someone is having problems with math, I get frustrated and sometimes I'm a little harder on them than I should be.    It's hard to decipher if a child has a mental block on a concept or is just not trying. Especially when they say they understand, demonstrate they can do the problem and then constantly miss them.   I don't like to change curriculums on a whim, but I have to assess whether or not our current system works for this particular child.  I plan on taking next week to re-evaluate things and go from there.  I'll be praying for wisdom, too!

I can honestly say, thank goodness it's Friday!  I'm ready for the weekend and no math.  :)


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