Friday, August 3, 2012

New recipes

Pinterest is an awesome place to find recipes.  I've found and tried so many new recipes since joining pinterest. 

Here are a few of our new squash recipes we've had this week:

Zucchini and Vegetable meatballs---this picture was not any where near what these looked like.  They were really good- meatballs with lots of veggies.  Daniel is my picky meatball eater and he gobbled his right up. 

Stuffed Pattypans--again....we absolutely love this recipe!  We've had a bumper patty pan harvest and eat this at least once a week. 

Butternut Enchiladas---This is the first year we've grown butternuts.  Very delicious vegetable.  This is a great recipe.  My picky squash eater, Tera, asked for seconds and said she didn't notice the butternut.  Even though, she didn't care for it plain last night...this recipe was a hit.   My changes: no jalepenos, less chili powder, more cumin, and regular enchilada sauce.  I can't have the enchilada sauce so I brushed on olive oil and basil, then added cheese. 

our butternuts


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