Friday, August 10, 2012

"B told C"

My little one is 2 years away from officially starting kindergarten, but he was ready for some time of preschool program.  That is why we decided to do the letter of the week type experience.  I'm not using the letter of the week approach to teach him how to read.  I'm basically using this as an exposure to learning for my little guy.    We've all been having lots of fun helping him do his "projects".   I've been putting all his letter "projects" in a notebook so we'll have an ABC book by the end of the year.  He pulls it out almost everyday to look at it.  He just said, "Hey Mom, my book is getting bigger!" 

Bead sort by color

Lots of "C" crafts

Cloud "C"

The crab walk and caterpillar crawl turned into Michael moving like every animal we could think of at the moment...kangaroos, snakes, elephants, cats, dogs, etc.

Cat in the Hat Balancing Act

Car garage

Cooking...we were going to make cookies, but didn't quite pull that one off. 

We've read the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Clifford, Cat in the Hat and many others this week. 

Counted jumping jacks and books
Colors- building different color block towers
Played games
Starfall and Peep websites

It's been a full week at the top of the coconut tree!



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