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2012-2013 Curriculum


Language Arts:

A Reason for Handwriting- Cursive 
This is a scripture-based handwriting curriculum.  We started with this program a couple of years ago and have seen no reason to change.  The lessons are broken up into short daily exercises.  On the last day, the students write their scripture of the week on a nice "coloring sheet". 

Spelling Power
I will not switch to another spelling program.  This sequential spelling program works awesome.  It's easy to assess exactly where your student should start each year.  I will say it's a no frills program, but I think that's a positive.  Spelling Power can be used K-12 and is based upon the most used words in the English language.  

Easy Grammar
This is the first time I've ever purchased a grammar program.  I've found old school grammar books at thrift stores and used book sales for years, but I really wanted something different.  Easy Grammar comes highly recommended from lots of sources.  Memorizing 53 prepositions is the key to success in this program.  Students are taught to isolate the prepositional phrases because "most" of the time, subjects and verbs are not found in them.  It makes finding the parts of a sentence easier.  I had my kids memorize them over the summer, so we could start right into the program.  

Various reading books:
Tera wanted to do reading a little different this year.  She wanted us to do like a family book club, where we all read the same book and do discussion.  I picked two medieval novels to start because they like this time period.  We are reading Adam of the Road right now.  I purchased several inexpensive reading guides through Rainbow Resource to help myself out.  

I'm all about curriculum that I can reuse, for multiple years and multiple children.  Through the Bible with My Child is a four year Bible curriculum.  Students and parents read through the major passages of scripture one day at a time.  Students pull out key discoveries about God, man, God's commands, etc. from the daily readings.  There are quizzes, memorization passages and discussion questions all included. 


We tried French last year and we were just not disciplined enough to follow through with the program we bought.  So we did some reading on the benefits of learning Latin before starting another romance language. It helped that I won Visual Latin in a giveaway.  We were looking seriously at Latina Christiana before receiving this program.  

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this curriculum--short doable lessons, funny teacher, we all can learn together, free printable worksheets to reinforce each lessons and more. 


 "If it ain't broke..don't fix it!"  Saxon has worked well for us for years, so we'll continue on this path we've begun. 


I tried this science program out last year from Answers in Genesis.  It works great for us.  Short lessons with multi-level activities all color coded.  Younger students do the blue boxes and 8th graders take it further by doing the green boxes.  This year we decided to go with the Physics set.  The sometimes daily experiments are very easy for students to do on their own with things you have on hand (most of the time).  This packet cost around $75 (CBD price)  for 3 textbooks with teacher's manuals for each one and a CD-Rom for printables.  

 God's Design for the Physical World: Three Student Manuals & Three Teacher's Guides Supplement & CD  -  

Social Studies/Geography:

Trail Guide to World Geography

For social studies or history every year, I usually do week long units that cover a time period...basically an intensive study.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do that as much this year, so I decided to cover World Geography.  (We are still having "unit weeks" but it will be whatever the kids want to study)  

 We have done various map skills but I really wanted to do an entire world thing.  Also, I've always loved geography and I really need a refresher course on world countries.  Someone gave me this teacher's edition, so all I had to purchase was the downloaded student pages for $12 from the website.  Very affordable program.  Again, it breaks down the week into very doable lessons.  I like that we have to search atlases, globes and internet to find the answers so there is an added research aspect.  

Assignment Sheets: 

I have to say, I could not go through the year without assignment sheets.  We all need them.  Basically, I make a chart of all our subjects, then type in the daily assignments.  In the past, assignment sheets just listed the kids' independent work.  My husband suggested that I list everything this year (science, social studies, art/music etc.)  He sensed the kid were getting frustrated last year, when they finished all their independent work just to find out I had a separate to-do list.  As they complete an assignment, they highlight it so that I can see what they've completed.  It's a way to keep us all accountable and on track.  

Well, that's the majority of our curriculum for the year.  I'm finally looking forward to this year and all it's changes.  

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