Thursday, August 2, 2012

"A told B"

"A" activities-
Count stuffed animals.
Ant Parade- Masking tape on floor and crawl like an ant.
Foam apple craft- Totally Tots website inspiration
Letter A coloring sheet.
Applesauce- write A's with finger (didn't get around to this one).

Find A word pictures and make a collage.
Make thumbprint ants. 

"B" activities-

Make a color filter butterfly (color with markers and spray with water), name all the colors.
Find all the blue cars and count them.

Make "B's" and other letters out of pipe cleaners.

Write "b's" in lotion or shaving cream.

Find 10 blue things in the house.
Using masking tape, draw a "b" on the floor and bounce a ball in it.
Fill in the letter B with buttons.

"B" coloring sheet.
Starfall website
No time for flashcards website- letter of the week ideas

I got tons of ideas from Lesson Pathways--they have  great pre-kindgergarten Language Arts letter of the week units.  Check them out here!

Our letter of the week activities are going awesome!  Tera and Daniel are doing great with Michael and the learning activities.  He is learning so much.   I'm finding when they need a brain break, they ask to go do their "stuff" with Michael.  It's a real win-win situation for all of us. 


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