Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning All-Around

I have to keep listening to my husband tell me..."Don't forget, we are still in transition!"   I want everything to be back to "our" normal now.  When things aren't, I get frustrated...sadly, all too easily.  I have to admit the weeks have seemed somewhat long.  By the time, Friday rolls around I'm so pooped and out of patience.  I thought the first half of our weeks would be filled up with outside activities, so I planned lighter on those days.  Now the end of our weeks are pretty full...Friday being the fullest.  That has to change.  Our schedule is totally different from what I thought when I planned, so I have some flexibility to change things up...thank goodness!  Next week, I've rearranged some things so that Friday is more relaxed.  I can't wait! 
I'm learning that I need to have some things prepared in advance to help our days go smoother.  I'm learning that if I don't get up on time, it throws my whole day off.  I wish that it didn't. 
My friend has a new Field Trip Friday linky, so my wheels are turning with what low key fieldtrip we can plan next week.  Maybe on Friday.  :)  I'm thinking about doing my own linky every week...but I'm still working that one out.  I'm being a copycat, but I think these kind of things are great for accountability.  To help us do the things we always push aside. 
I have to say again how much I like Trail Guide to World Geography.  You know why?  Well, since you asked- I'll tell you.  It focuses on learning how to use resources, rather than just memorization.  By the time this year is over, my kids will be very skilled at using a globe, atlas,  and other research material.  How cool is that?  I've always heard that an educated person doesn't know all the answers, but they know how and where to find the answers.  Trail Guide does just that!
Math...well, I'll be talking about that more in a future post.  We are all less frustrated this week.  I made some changes, pulled back a little on some things and added some variety into our week.  The best perk about home schooling---if it's not working, we have the freedom to change it up.  For me, that has been a hard lesson...but I'm learning my plans are not set in stone. 
Working on craft projects... 
Photobucket Photobucket
The big discussion around here right now revolves around the Loch Ness Monster.  "Does it really exist? Have people faked photos/videos?, etc."   Tera checked out a few books from the library and got Daniel's attention.  So they both went on Tennessee Electronic Library and did some research (aka Tera researching and reading aloud with Daniel looking on and listening)  this afternoon during their free time.  It's funny what topics catch a kid's attention.  I remember being fascinated with the "unsolved mysteries" when I was kid, too. 
We have a magician in the making around here, as well.  Daniel has asked for a magic kit for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  He is checking out all kinds of books from the library and trying out tricks on us.  Some I've yet to figure out how he does them. 

I got a free 2 month membership (trial) to a site called StudyLadder.  It's an online learning program.  No frills, but lessons on everything from math to music.  I set the kids up with accounts this week.  They each have their own avatar and "room".    They logged in a few times to complete lessons and earn reward points.  The reward points can be used to buy things for their virtual room.  As a parent, I receive printable certificates through email, when they reach a certain number of points.  Points are given for each completed lesson.  I found it pretty ironic that Tera was not excited about extra math practice and then got on the math section of StudyLadder in her free time. 

It's been a long week, but lots of learning has taken place "in school" and "out of school".  We're all learning as we go. 


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