Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent- Dec. 10th


Truth in the Tinsel:  Joseph's Pillow

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Jesse Tree:  Gideon
Judges 7


Advent Calendar
Symbol:  Candle
Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16
Activity:  Play a game

Photobucket I planned to do "regular" school until Dec. 21st.  What was I thinking????  Well, I was looking at our days and saw that we would hit 100 days right on Dec. 21st.  The kids asked to do  the 100th day of school celebration.  What a perfect day to do that!  That's when I stopped thinking.  

I started thinking again at the end of last week.  It's not so much the kids going it's ME!!!  I'm ready for a change of pace, a mini-break.  So, I put away the assignment sheets and regular order of business and started planning.  

We'll spin the next TWO weeks doing a wide variety of learning things.  Games, Jesse Tree/Advent activities/reading and audiobooks/more games/computer games/cooking/lots of ART PROJECTS/ music fun/ Science Fair projects/community service/instrument lessons and do we ever find time for all the "regular" school?  I'm really looking forward to this!   We were home all day that was such a great beginning to the week. 

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We got the basic idea from the link above, then we just used our Full Moon Project technique.  

Check out  Books Should Be Free website  for various Christmas audiobooks.  We listened to almost all of The Christmas Angel today. 


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