Monday, December 31, 2012

Purge, Pursue, Pray

It's that time again, when we make all kinds of promises to ourselves for the duration of the month of January...then we forget.  I've done've done it.  It's a fact of life.  

Last year, I took a different approach by making reminders, not resolutions.   I can't say looking back that I feel I was successful, because I didn't really have goals set in any of those areas.  It was like "no boundaries", "no fail".  It served the purpose of reminding me somewhat, but then the coats covered up the word CREATE and PRAY started falling off my alarm clock.  I can't tell you where the sign I hung in the bathroom got off to, frankly, because I don't know.  I just looked up one day and it was gone.  

I've been seeing lots of people talking about picking "my one word" that will sum up your goals or focus for the year.  To me, it can be in the same category as my reminders.  You can pick words all day, but if you don't make a decision to actually do something specific with doesn't really change anything.  

I couldn't pick one word if I tried, but I've really been thinking over the past week.  What would I like to see different in my life this week?  this month? this year?

Here's what I came up with:  (Caution: Honesty Alert)


My life feels over-run with unnecessary things.  I've gained almost 10 pounds this year, it's kinda crept up on me.  We've been really stressed, taken several trips, and had some major life changes.  I wish I was not an emotional eater, but alas, I am.  I resort to fast food/take out and processed foods for comfort

We're also the kinda people that sometimes say..."Don't get rid of that...I may use it one day!" about something we haven't seen or used in years.   We are pack rats by heredity, but it's time to get rid of some major things.   I was just planning on doing this alone, but then as I was talking to my family....they all got on board.  (YAY!!!)

So, as I was thinking about words to sum up some of my goals for the year...PURGE...PURGE....PURGE has been running through my brain.  

If we wait until later to do this it will never happen, so we are starting in the next 10 days with the following steps:  

-No fast food/take out/delivery for at least a month  We've been getting fast food way too often for us lately.  We are to the point where we just need to say "NO MORE"  Not never again, but for an extended period of time, so that we can reform our habits.  We'll break for birthday dinners.

-30 to 60 day bean challenge  Bean recipes everyday for a specific amount of time--still working out the details/recipes, but this will be coming really soonWe love beans in this house and they are so healthy for you.  This will be a great way to back away from processed food.  I'm really excited about this one!!!!

-12,000 steps a day goal


-10 day- 1000+ item giveaway/sell challenge We'll start this January 10th (or maybe sooner)...we're already brainstorming how we'll reduce and streamline.  I'm really excited that my family is pumped up about this one.  I know this will be just a drop in the bucket, and we'll probably not even be able to notice.  I hope we will though.  I imagine we'll do this several times this year.  

-organize "a place for everything and everything in it's place"  Our goal of getting rid of things does not come with a "no buy" clause.  If I need to buy something to help me get organized...I will. 


I've realized that in the past few years, my life has been more about "moments of escape".  You know, those moments when you sit down and stare at your screen and hope no one under 12 talks to you.  Now, don't misread this...I do not ignore my children's needs or even most of their wants.  Also, there is nothing wrong with using the computer.  I just want my "moments of escape" to be better used than sitting in front of my computer zoning out.  (I'd rather them see me working on things of value on the computer.)

This year I want to pursue my passions and hobbies in front of my children.  I don't want to be remember as the mommy whose face was always turned towards the screen. (One reason I'll never own a smartphone...carrying around a mini-computer all day?  YIKES!!!)

Music is my biggest passion.  It's one of the first things I push aside when I'm stressed, but the best reliever of stress I've ever had. 

-make that CD that my family has been asking about for years

-write some posts about how to teach music as a home schooler

-work through one Mandolin technique book


Blogging- I laughed at my husband when he said "Blogging IS your hobby".  I thought he was just trying to make me feel better for being on the computer so much.  But he was right!  I enjoy blogging, writing, sharing little glimpses of our lives, helping people, but I have lots of things to learn about the whole process.   I was just accepted to the Mosaics Review team, so I'm really excited to be able to learn some new skills that can apply to making my blog a better place... a happy place. 

-blogging more consistently with more substantial posts

-going through the Mosaics Review Team training

Crafts- I'm not an artist by any means, but I do enjoy craft making.  Collages, weaving, etc. 

-do a craft project once a month

Reading- I love to read!  I hope to do it a lot more this year, but really hesitate to make a goal regarding quantity.  

-keep a reading log to chart what books I've read this year


I've struggled this past year with a consistent devotion time.  My prayer times have gone to pot.  I wait until I'm falling in bed dead tired and then fall asleep when I try to pray.  Not the best formula for cultivating a relationship with God. This is one of those goals that is kinda unmeasurable...can you ever pray enough?  I just know I want to be consistent!

-using my prayer book will be a good start (Now, where did I put that?)
-reading more devotional type material
-going to bed earlier
-seizing the moment--if I find myself suddenly alone or it's quiet....pray or read my Bible! 

If you've hung in there this long, thanks for sticking it through.  I'll be reporting back on here with little progress reports in the months to come.  




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