Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooking with Co-op

Our host last Tuesday, set up cooking stations for the kids with each group making an Egyptian recipe.  My group made Egyptian flatbread.  I must admit I have totally underestimated my son's cooking ability.  I need to get that kid making me some flatbread.  Seriously!

The girls all made a soup and a spiced drink.  Tera knows her way around a kitchen, but again, I've underestimated how much she can do-start to finish on her own.  I think I need to look for some recipes and let her cook dinner more often. 

The last group made a fresh veggie salad.  This is like my favorite kind of salad, but since my diagnosis, a very big no-no.  I couldn't resist just a little, though.  It was delicious!


While things were cooking, the kids played some games.

Then, the taste-testing...

In the kid sector, the flatbread was the biggest hit.  I thought everything tasted great.  I loved the soup (even though the onions were off limits for me)...I could probably leave that out and have this again.  I was careful to only have small portions, so nothing bothered me later.  Everyone had a great time and tried something new.  Sounds like a fantastic day to me!

For specific recipes, check out our brave host at The Forest Room.


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