Friday, February 3, 2012

A weekful or a full week?

Tuesday, we went on a field trip to our local county museum.  They have so much that it's basically impossible to see and read everything in just one trip.  What I enjoyed most were the several museum workers floating around.  Every time I would go off a little and look at something while the head guy was talking to the kids...they would come up and start telling me the history of the item I was looking at.  I need to go back to take in all their Civil War exhibit.  (my exposure was pardon the bright pictures)

We started doing Valentine's Day crafts like crazy this week! 
Cookie cutter stamp art

Sorting animals into popsicle stick barns

Tinfoil mosaics

Michael working on his Valentines

Epsom salt luminaries- made from 1 cup epsom salt colored with purple food coloring.  Modge podge heart tissue paper on jars (recycled) and roll in epsom salt.

Andy Warhol Valentines- another version of this project.
Divide white paper into 4 even sections.
Trace a heart in the middle of each rectangle.
Paint heart and square two complimentary colors.
Let dry.

Then using acrylic paint, dip side of each hand and print heart in each rectangle.  

Bendaroo sculpting


At the end of this weekful or full week, we are all dog tired!



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