Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friends Mural How-to

I saw this picture on pinterest:

I knew I wanted to make a version of this for our friends who were moving.  Trouble is...no directions.  So I had to figure it out on my own...I'm kinda craftsy in a follow the directions sorta way.  I was really, really nervous every step of this project.  Nervous that it would fall apart, run, or not stick to the canvas.  I even had a nightmare that the hands were falling off right before the reveal and I was frantically trying to stick them back on while crying. 

Now, that I look back, this was not that hard of a project.  Just nerve racking when you want it to be perfect, but have no clue what you are doing.  Although, I didn't take pictures of every step, I'll share with you the steps, so you can create your own group mural.

First step, have kids trace their hands onto poster board (flat not glossy side) and then color them in (the darker the better).

Next, using different colored watercolors (I used tempera cakes)- paint over each hand.  Then cut them out and lay them flat in a book. 

Put the hands aside for a while.

Take your canvas (whatever size you want- really depends upon how many hands you are attaching) and paint with acrylic paint mixed with water.  Get a good coat on the canvas.  Then add some white acrylic paint to lighten your color.  Ball up some plastic wrap, dip in the lighter paint and sponge on top of your original color.

Let dry overnight.

Using a stencil, cut letters out of pretty cardstock.  I actually bought a set of chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby and traced around them.

Position everything where you like it.

Then, glue down your hands and words.  This is how I did it:  I used Elmer's craft glue and glued down each hand and letter individually.  My husband suggested afterwards coating the whole canvas with a layer of modge podge and placing the hands and letters on top

I placed lightweight books to help the glue dry flat. 

Let glue dry overnight.

The next day, modge podge on top of the entire canvas twice; letting it dry in between layers.  You can modge podge more if you like. 

Let everything dry completely. Then enjoy!


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