Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm husband's been gone a lot lately for various reasons and emotionally I'm worn thin. Insomnia has been weaving itself in and out of my nights. 

I'm thankful...for a wonderful family, good friends, more food than I need, a warm house, books, clean clothes, cookies and holidays. 

I'm of my closest friends is moving away next week and I'm trying hard not to cry and be selfish, even though I know this move will be really great for them...I'll miss them a whole lot.

I'm feels like it's dishes, laundry, cook breakfast, cook lunch, cook dinner, etc., then repeat. 

I'm glad...we've gotten into our second semester groove with school

I'm the positive response I've received about my bread posts.  Now, to come up with ten more to finish up the month.

I'm coping....with the fact that I'm having to eat separate from my family so that my condition can heal itself.  I can't really expect everyone to eat my stuff and I'm more comfortable cooking for them the "regular way".

I'm forgiven and God.  Valentine's Day this year is really reminding me of this fact.  How much God loves me and forgives Christ died for me even when I was a sinner. 

I'm peaceful...knowing that God is working everything out according to His purposes

Although I wish it was different,

I'm still a little down today...


  1. I feel like saying "ditto" to most all of that. And I have been down and on the verge most of this week- the reality of moving is hitting me....

  2. I read this the day you wrote it but I was holding the baby and couldn't type a comment. I just wanted to say my week has been just like this! Chris worked 21 hours overtime this week. I've been praying for you.

  3. Hi Christy, I just read this post as well, and you said exactly how I've been feeling too! Kevin has been working more the past 6 weeks, and it really does affect all of us. I'm praying for you, for your close friend moving away, and for your health troubles.



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